The Lead Advantage is a cross-business pivot engineered by the team at

A clear distinction between a business’ marketing and sales functions is crucial for focus – one to ideate, create and execute to acquire leads, the other to connect, engage and help the customer make wise buying decisions.

Our newly setup team is dedicated in their passion to:

1. cross-sell our ecommerce’s merchants for lead generation.

2. introduce our concept to other growing businesses looking for the right opportunities to connect.

3. grow both aspects of our business – Creative elocution, and Clients’ satisfaction to long term partnership.

Talk to us! We’re sure you’ll love connecting with us and sharing experiences. Hope to see you on the frontlines soon!



The first step to take is for us to understand your lead requirements, so give us a way to get in touch with you and let’s get to work. You can also email your queries to or contact us at +65 9189 4124